Trade orders can be made at any time, from anywhere. Our craft range is constantly growing and we're always on the lookout for new stockists and forming personal relationships with everyone in order to provide the service you deserve.
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Work ethic

We place a high value on our work ethic and customer service, which are at the forefront of everything we do, resulting in a wide range of business relationships across the country.

our selection

For our customer's needs, Huffmans stocks exclusives, allocations, and spirits from all over Scotland and around the world. Our stock list is updated monthly, so you'll never miss out on expanding your business selection and supporting emerging brands.

other services

Additionally, we are able to put retailers in touch with brands that
can provide training, sample sessions and event hosting services.

We're always open to your ideas; flexibility is key!



With this sharing, customers learn that solutions matter more than excuses, that we work consistently hard to provide the best customer service, and that we offer a large selection of products without overpromising and disappointing them.

Positive Reviews
Happy Customers


Huffmans derives from Huffmans Prairie, where the Wright Brothers, the pioneers of flight, designed and built their first practical aircraft.
The inspiration stems from their thirst for success, hard work and perseverance that finally saw them and their business literally take off – and since 2016 we have endeavoured to do the very same…in the distribution sense of course.


at huffmans you can try as little as one bottle

All you have to do is go anywhere you can grab a bottle of your favourite tipple and you’ll see the bulk of the shelf space or back bar is taken up by a host of fascinating and quirky bottles from all around the world – none more so these days than premium Scottish spirits from the Highlands and Islands, down to the borders and everywhere in between.

We Love to work with the best


"I couldn't ask for better service than I have received from the boys at Huffmans!!! Absolutely fantastic company with a fantastic range and the best customer service. Thank you."
T. Mclaren
"Fantastic company to work with, great customer service!!!"
Nick M.
"Nice work guys!! Thank you for supporting us and keeping us stocked up!!"
McMillans of Malton


Our Seasonal Suppliers

Our supplier’s seasonal products and deals are shared with Huffmans’ current and future customers every quarter. 
Our advertising options provide you with exclusive previews of new products, suppliers, and limited deals!
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The following are some brands we work with, but not the only ones!

brands we work with

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