Aware of the importance of customer service, our company offers a wide range of products and services to ensure a smooth
and effective customer journey from the point of welcoming in new customers to managing orders.

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Stemming from a short ‘business chat’ between school friends, Ramone and Gregor, was all it took for the idea of providing a progressive platform to give a route to market for the vast number of craft distilleries and producers, new and established, bursting onto the scene around Scotland.

With a background in the industry, unlimited enthusiasm and just the right amount of naivety, we were set to carve a niche in a market dominated by companies with a heritage spanning back decades, but how could we compete?

From what we gathered: transparency, consistency and zero faffs were a solid starting point, and moving on a good few years now, our fundamentals are intact and nothing in this sense has changed.

Shooting towards
Honing in on the most efficient practices as we go Huffmans becomes synonymous with quality, innovation and ease.

Continuous re-investment

From a modest start, we’ve continually retargeted each month and year by listing all 7 SKUs (largely thanks to the shoestring budget we had to get going) to now have 1000 SKUs. Adding on, we’ve managed to expand our space, transport and staff.

3 Warehouse Units

We have gradually expanded our warehousing spaces as we took on new projects and created our fulfilment arm, BoxWorx; our stock increase, customer product demand and suppliers’ interest in working with us has also been huge, contributor factor.

3 Vans

From one van to three, it’s nothing but a great sign of all your support and belief in Huffmans working ethic.

8 Dedicated Full-Time Staff

Huffmans has been fortunate to have been able to take on more staff overseeing everything from marketing, and administration, to fulfilment, to warehouse operations, resulting in an even more efficient and improved service to our customers and suppliers.

"Thank you for all the excellent service you have provided us through the year! Yous went above and beyond for us every time!"

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Huffmans' Customer Journey

What you can expect from us

In order to make the customer journey with Huffmans as simple, quick, and effective as possible, we are always looking for the latest methods. The following are our main focus points that enable all of this to take place!

SKUs & simple invoicing

Our goal at Huffmans is to expand the selection of products we offer our customers. We currently have over 1000 SKUs in stock, and we aspire to add more every day. A single invoice is sent out to save time and hassle.


With low purchase minimums and the option of mixing cases, our ordering process is fair and simple.

Ordering methods

If you would like to place an order with us, you can do so through our online trade store, by email, by phone, by mail...whatever you choose!


Delivery can be made throughout the nation (including islands) the next day, and we can accommodate specific delivery dates if necessary.


In case you are not a customer, you can start here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. You can get your orders shipped the same day after setting up your account! You will also be able to access all suppliers for POS, sample stock, taste tests, etc.


Our product list is updated monthly to ensure you're the stockist of the latest and at times hardest-to-find products on the market.