About Huffmans

All you have to do is go into anywhere you can grab a bottle of your favourite tipple and you’ll see the bulk of the shelf space or back bar is taken up by a host of fascinating and quirky bottles from all around the world – none more so these days than premium Scottish spirits from the Highlands, Islands, down to the borders and everywhere in between.

With Scotland nearing its 100th gin distillery, up from 2 (TWO) at the end of the year 2000, there was a clear demand for a distributor to not only help all these emerging and established companies get onto the market but the on trade and off trade called for someone to source and supply these while simultaneously consolidating invoices and being fiercely competitive on price…that would be our calling! With our listings commonly at the same price if not less than direct, and without the large minimum order quantities – At Huffmans you can try from as little as one bottle. It’s all about ease and efficiency!

So, staring back in the summer of 2016 – Ourselves, Ramone Robertson and Gregor Maclean got to work on providing a new wave of craft spirits distribution. Starting with a grand total of 7 companies and a shoestring budget, our first stock room was at the foot of Ramone’s bed but we soon gained incredible momentum to add exclusives, liqueurs, beers and soft drinks to our arsenal. Each are carefully selected to cater for premium on and off trade outlets such as bars, restaurants, farm and bottle shops, delis and events companies.

By working closely with retailers and suppliers nation and worldwide now (we list some interesting products far beyond Scottish waters) we’ve carved a niche in which offers you the choice to opt for a dedicated service that is proactive, in-depth, efficient and transparent.

Our range has evolved and grown but our work ethic and customer service has remained the same, which is always at the forefront of what we do and has been highly praised throughout, giving us a host of close-working business relationships across the country with a large number still sticking with us from the day we started. The personal touch is a common work practise but often overlooked, not here however.

From maintaining these high standards we were delighted to receive a finalist spot for Growth Business of the Year 2018 at the Scottish Gin Awards and turnover just shy of 4x that of 2017. All thanks to consistently satisfied customers, a growing reputation and an ever expanding range of the latest must-have products on the market. We will always continue to press on…

Delivering Nationwide
Founders - Gregor & Ramone
Order anytime and anywhere. If our growing monthly craft range is of interest to you and you’d like to become a stockist and you’re anywhere within the UK, just send us a message or call any time, we’d love to hear from you to tailor you a personalised service that will be laden with benefits and incentives. As we mentioned, providing some of the most exciting and best quality drinks for your outlet is fundamental but we also offer training, consultancy, samplings, event hosting and are always open to other suggestions you might have, flexibility is key!

We are always on the look out for new and exciting additions to add to our range. Whether it’s a listing you’re looking for or just want to ask us a question, we are be more than willing to help out. Working closely with our suppliers is integral to how we operate at Huffmans to get you listed and sold nationwide, we wouldn’t have made it this far otherwise!

Become a Supplier

We are first and foremost a trade company however our range can be bought by non-trade customers via our online store.

What’s with the name?

Huffmans derives from Huffman Prairie, where the Wright Brothers, the pioneers of flight, designed and built their first practical aircraft.

The inspiration stems from their thirst for success, hard work and perseverance that finally saw them and their business literally take off – and since 2016 we have endeavoured to do the very same…in the distribution sense of course.


It’s been an uncertain time for many companies worldwide with the hospitality sector being one of the hardest hit (which is also 43% of our customer base). We eagerly await to do what we can when they re-open but in the meantime after an understandably difficult start to lockdown with such uncertainty in the air, we worked on ways to adapt to the situation and offered longer credit terms, launched our fulfilment service Shipped, donated 1% of our turnover to relevant causes and tried to carry on as “business as usual” as possible. This all coupled with unwavering support from our longstanding customers and new ones alike helped us finish 2020 just under 52% ahead of 2019. We only disclose this information to instil our customers and suppliers with the confidence that we’ll continue to push forward.

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